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Health & Wellness

Back in history we were living off the produce of our land without the interference of chemicals, pesticides and pollutants. Today our bodies are bombarded with chemicals that was never meant to enter our bodies in the quantities it does. This causes strain on the normal functioning of our body cells, and in many instances leads to mutation of DNA and cell function inhibition. The result being all the modern day diseases known to us of which most are  treated with medications that has almost in all cases side affects in our bodies:

The Soul & Spirit

These are uniquely different and the treatment thereof as well. As God fearing believers we treat both these from Scripture. Contact us with your need



How do we view health and wellness

At Hadassah we believe the body needs to be treated holistically. The body consists of the physical body, a soul and a spirit and none of these can be ignored in the perspective of health.

The Body

When considering the health of our bodies it is important to look at the elements that sustains the life within a body:

Contact us to find out how we propose to increase / maintain health considering the above elements.


Health & Wellness